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Preparations of the Company “Adina Cosmetics” are cosmetics of new generation that enable to solve not only cosmetic problems, considerably put off the need for plastic surgery correction but also has beneficent health promotion influence. 

Body Collection


Your Style

Magic of Youth

From Dark to Light

We are happy to offer you a unique collection of professional cosmetics:

Line: Magic of Youth - cosmetics for the age of 30 and further. This line was specially developed for care after mature skin in accordance with its needs and  provides preservation of various skin textures.

Line: Exclusive-high-performance series oriented for prophylactics and correction of problems of oily and inclined to acne skin.

Line: Your Style – preparations of this line provide prophylactics of skin aging, provide maximum comfort, stimulate instant skin regeneration ,normalize skin metabolism and slow skin aging processes.

Line: From Dark to Light – a line of cosmetics with whitening effect was developed for cosmetologists in the scientific laboratory of the Company Adina Cosmetics. The recipes are based on AHA acids (fruit acids, hydroxy acids) a complex of mixture preparations that care after skin by cleaning, moisturizing, nourishing and whitening.

Line: Body Collection – the procedure of mud wrapping modelage normalizes the nervous system activity restoring blood circulation and skin metabolism by nourishing it with minerals. A unique mixture of muds has antioxidant influence preventing skin aging and skin cells degeneration by stimulating the acceleration of restoration process on the areas with damaged skin.
The high degree of mud mineralization from the Dead Sea has more than 40 types of various microelements and their chemical combinations, including iodine, bromide, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, sulphate , sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus that during procedures nourish skin and make it tender and fresh.These highly-effective preparations consist of  natural herb extracts, weeds drawing , embryonic phytocells extracts, phytoplacenta extracts, natural vitamins, fruit acids and other active components.

 About the Company Adina Cosmetics
The company Adina Cosmetics creates unique cosmetic preparations for skin and body care by using the latest technologies. Professional cosmetics is based  not only on natural and biologically pure components, natural herb extracts and herb oils, but also products of  the latest biotechnologies.
The components for the products are acquired from leading producers with the world standing: Pentapharm Ltd.(Swiss) , The English firm “KRODA”, such firms as Alban Muller International и Gattefose (France), German firms such as "Basf", "Hennkel"  and other.
Our criteria and guarantee of success
The main goal of developments for skin care in the company Adina Cosmetics is to activate skins natural protective functions, normalize metabolism, stimulate natural and inner skin and body reserves to prevent aging. To achieve the goals the experience of folk medicine, modern technologies, the latest developments in medicine, biochemistry, biology were combined together.
All products have necessary certificates and permissions from Public Health Ministry of  Israel and meet world quality standards.
Our goal is to offer cosmetic products that are ideally suitable for both people with healthy skin as well as for people whose skin suffers from problems of dermatological character.
Preparations in our lines provide prophylactics for changes caused by skin aging provide maximum comfort, stimulate instant skin regeneration , normalize skin metabolism and slow processes that cause skin aging.
The manufacture process of the product is based on high technology equipment (vacuum homogenizers) that enable to create minute cream emulsion with particles of submicron  size (0,1-0,5мicromeres). Such microemulsion improves penetration of  active components into skin and normalizes skin metabolism. All our preparations pass quality control assessment in the laboratories of Aminolab и Bio-Science Technology (BST).
Unique technologies are used in the manufacture; they enable to preserve all valuable qualities of natural ingredients. The function of face creams, masks, peelings, lotions and gels is not limited by only surface skin layers.
 The guarantee of our product success is its competent usage. To achieve maximum results from professional procedures there have been created a whole line of products for home usage that can be acquired in beauty salons after  a consultation with a cosmetologist. Active components of our preparations are product of the latest biotechnologies as well as well known herb extracts reputable  for many years.(Soapwort, chamomile ,sage, winterbloom, buckeye and others) and natural oils (Calendula, geranium, tea tree, sweet almond ,lavender, thyme, chestnut, ilang-ilang, sandal tree and others).
The Company Adina Cosmetics supports the best traditions of Israel cosmetology and specializes on development and manufacture cosmetic preparations for prophylactics of premature skin aging and for problem skin care. All products are based on biologically pure components. Assessments and clinical tests of face cream consistency were accomplished in the most prestigious laboratories of Israel and Europe.

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